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  • New Releases
    To Hong Kong with Love is made to record the memorable moments by featuring the full collection of aerial photographic ...
  • Best seller
    This is the second edition of the book - Hong Kong. This book invites you to open your eyes to the pent-up energy ...
  • Editor's Pick
    Limited to 300pcs, each Oowa’s 5” figurine comes with a certificate signed and numbered by Jeanie Leung.
  • Paper thinks
    Paperthink™ is a leading global brand of recycled leather notebooks, leather bags, small leather goods and stationery
  • POSTalk
    Designed and made in Hong Kong, POSTalk presents innovative greeting card ideas in combination of LED light and advanced engraving technique.
  • Oowa by Jeanie Leung
    Oowa – a character created by local artist Jeanie Leung, is a child who always wears a beautiful smile in his face. He talks little but he always makes 'Oo' and 'Wa' sounds when he discovers something new.
  • Rainie by Kungchinchin
    Kungchinchin is an illustrator whose talents span the worlds of both art and design. Founder of Double Rice Work Company Limited and currently a lecturer in Illustrations and Comics at CUSCS, she in her private life indulges in a passion for writing, cooking, music and philosophy.
  • SpecialEditions
    Each Tokyo Compression Three’s Special Edition consists of a unique acrylic slipcase containing a limited edition print, numbered and signed by Michael Wolf, limited to 30 copies.
  • ProjectTwelve
    Project Twelve is a cultural and design explanation of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Since 2008, artists and designers from Asia will be invited each year to create a series of art and design items, using the zodiac sign of the year as a theme.