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  • New Releases
    This monumental new book, with essays by a spectrum of international art historians, critical theorists and artists, ...
  • Best seller
    A Hong Kong Memoir completes the trilogy Fan Ho began with Hong Kong Yesterday and The Living Theatre. In his previous ...
  • Editor's Pick
    A bear wears a tiny hat which is much too small for him. In fact, it’s so small that it may fall off at any moment. The ...
  • Paper thinks
    Paperthink™ is a leading global brand of recycled leather notebooks, bags, accessories and stationery from the UK.
  • POSTalk
    Designed and made in Hong Kong, POSTalk presents innovative greeting card ideas in combination of LED light and advanced engraving technique.
  • Oowa by Jeanie Leung
    Oowa – a character created by local artist Jeanie Leung, is a child who always wears a beautiful smile in his face. He talks little but he always makes 'Oo' and 'Wa' sounds when he discovers something new.
  • Rainie by Kungchinchin
    Kungchinchin is an illustrator whose talents span the worlds of both art and design. Founder of Double Rice Work Company Limited and currently a lecturer in Illustrations and Comics at CUSCS, she in her private life indulges in a passion for writing, cooking, music and philosophy.
  • SpecialEditions
    Each Tokyo Compression Three’s Special Edition consists of a unique acrylic slipcase containing a limited edition print, numbered and signed by Michael Wolf, limited to 30 copies.
  • Singsing Rabbit
    Singsing Rabbit loves to sing, create and is brave to break the rules. She is transformed from a lamp into a cartoon singer who represents the spirit of pursuing dreams, justice and hope. She believes that nothing is impossible because if you think you can, you can! She hopes to spread positive messages through different ways, bringing the new generation a different kind of light.