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Chinese Herbal Dye 中藥材天然染色

By Elita Lam

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Published by Asia One Books and Hong Kong Design Institute
By: Elita Lam
June, 2016
210 x 203 mm
0.80 kg
92 pages
Ring-binded Hardcover

English and Chinese



In China, we have a long history of using herbs as textile dyes. This handbook intends to revive the appreciation of its beauty and technique. Many different cultures have a heritage of extracting dyes from minerals, plants and animals. Their recipes and processes can be extremely delicate and intricate. In fact, certain dyes or colours were reserved for a certain privileged group in the society in the old days.

This book offers an in-depth introduction of the natural dyeing’s history and background, it also enclosed eight classic dyeing recipes, including Indigo, Safflower, Madder Root and more, for readers to have a try on dyeing their own fabric. It is a fun book for anyone who likes to get practical for some DIY activities.