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By Nobuyoshi Araki

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Published by Thircuir Books
By: Nobuyoshi Araki
December 2014
190 x 250 mm
1.50 kg
280 pages
Case bound




Thircuir Books teams up with “The impossible Project”, to present Crazy Old Man A, a series of Nobuyoshi Araki’s latest snap shots taken in autumn last year.

Araki, a key iconoclast of great talent, is one of the most prolific photographers of his time. Having already published several hundreds of books and thousands of pictures, Araki has indeed for over fifty years revolutionised the world of photography. His outlook is both sentimental and filled with energy, whereby the Erotos (a combination of Eros and Thanatos) appears in every image.

Araki is photography. His practice lies at the heart of his existence, the camera being an extension of his own self. It is the Araki who back then suffered from prostate cancer (now cured) that now offers us a peculiarly dark body of work.
The photographs in Crazy Old Man A follow a dynamic in which the inanimate becomes alive and the living appears dead. Instant films, framed in black and white, alternate here. These appeal to Araki in the way they spark memories of ancestors’ portraits.

One may recognise in them the artists’ visual vocabulary - naked women, bondage, suggestive.


About Impossible Project and Thircuir Ltd

The Impossible Project was launched in 2008. Following the closure of the last Polaroid factory, this project aims to continue producing instant films and therefore, enable millions of potential users to keep on creating.

Thircuir is a publisher specializing in books on art and culture. A strong emphasis is placed on China, an area at the center of our modern world’s mutations.

Thircuir aims at introducing to everyone another stance at China, a more creative one, a freer one, a different one to offer new tools of understanding of our surroundings from a new perspective. The first series of monographs showcases the most influential figures in contemporary Chinese photography. Each title offers a complete immersion within the works and ideas of these amazing artists.